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Earth / Ground Resistance Testers

Earth Ground Resistance Meter

JUTECH Tester provides the best quality earth resistance tester with a current ART testing measurement feature. With this feature, on-site earthlings may be checked individually without disconnecting utilities.

Earth ground resistance meter assesses soil resistance to electric current to provide a safe and properly functioning electrical system. This ensures an appropriate channel for fault currents, an essential component of a safe and properly operating electrical system.

What is an Earth Ground Resistance Meter?

To avoid expensive service disruptions due to bad ground conditions, it is vital to accurately assess ground resistance. We have the broadest selection of earth's ground resistance meters available.

Earth's ground resistance meter enables proper earth grounding installation. It is a piece of equipment in a store that can ground structures, equipment, or gadgets.

Grounding involves thorough testing before, during, and after installation. Earth testers and other earth testing equipment are often used in this industry to evaluate grounding, enabling users to test voltage (system and static electricity voltages), current (system and leakage currents), and resistance (ground system resistance, soil resistance, and soil PH measurements).

Characteristics of Ground Resistance:

Ground resistance is the sum of the grounding conductor's resistance, the grounding conductor's contact resistance with the earth, and the earth's resistance. Unlike other resistors, ground resistance has the following characteristics:

  • A grounding electrode's resistance to the earth. It can't be measured without a ground electrode. Because the earth has low resistivity, a voltage drop occurs at the electrode from which the measuring current flows. So, to correctly measure the resistance of each grounding electrode (E, S, and H), you must travel roughly 10 m away.
  • Ground resistance measurement is affected by ground potential and the additional grounding electrodes. Ground potential from devices attached to the grounding electrode affects the ground resistance tester's signal, influencing measured readings. Also, high ground resistance auxiliary grounding electrodes reduce measurement current, making noise effects like ground potential more vulnerable.
  • The earth, being an electrolyte, polarizes DC currents, making precise measurement difficult. Ground resistance is often measured as a square or sine wave of several hundred to one kHz.

Earth Tester Types:

An earth ground resistance meter may be used for various earthing tasks because of the market's wide variety of earth tester models. Ground resistivity and soil pH meters are only some of the instruments available. Besides, various add-ons are available for these various products, enhancing the tester's full functionality. Earth spikes, cable reels, and attachable optional clamps are accessories often used with earth testers.

Just Chester can do four kinds of earth-ground measurements and save results through USB. This tester can measure ground loop resistance with just clamps. No earth-ground posts or ground rods are required. This unique tester is a must-have for every engineer's testing equipment.


Ground Fault Locator


Insulation Tester

Insulation testers are electrical measuring instruments used in maintenance programs that are either preventive or predictive. They're also known as megohmmeters, and they're used to spot probable equipment faults before they happen. Insulation resistance testers are ideal for testing switchgear, motors, generators, and cables, among other high-voltage components.

What is the Purpose of Insulation Testing?

All electrical current sent via a conductive wire should, in theory, arrive at its intended destination. However, some of it is lost along the route due to various factors. Insulating wires with a resistive covering contain the conductivity of the copper or aluminium core, yet even with this insulation in place, some current escapes. Electrical circuits and machines can be harmed by the electricity that leaks out.

Testing can assist you in finding out whether the insulation is effective and safe or not. Insulation testers deliver accurate, noise-free findings. They're safe and straightforward, making them excellent for troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance.

What Makes Insulation Go Bad?

The electrical insulation of your plant's electrical system and equipment should be in excellent condition when first installed. Various factors can cause the insulation to fail, including mechanical damage, vibration, extreme heat or cold, filth, oil, corrosive vapours, moisture from operations, or humidity on a hot day. Furthermore, makers of wire, cable, motors, and other industrial components have improved their insulation.

As time passes, these insulation foes, combined with the electrical stressors, are at work to varying degrees. Moisture and foreign debris permeate the surfaces of the insulation as pinholes or fractures form, providing a low-resistance conduit for leakage current.

How Do Insulation Resistance Testers Work?

Measuring insulation resistance to current flow across it is necessary to determine its integrity. An insulation tester employs a high voltage, low current DC charge to measure resistance. High resistance insulation allows for low current flow. A low resistance indicates that a lot of electricity is leaking through the insulation.

How to Test Insulation Resistance?

There are several ways in which even a brief interruption in production may affect the bottom line. Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) lower the likelihood of an unplanned shutdown at a manufacturing facility.

Insulation measurement should be included in every decent PMP to ensure that the hundreds of motors used in manufacturing plants and facilities stay operational. Even better, you can maintain track of equipment status over time through data gathering and historical analysis, potentially predicting a failure in advance. Consider the following equipment types and their implications for your regular activities.

Tests During the Drying Out of Equipment:

All maintenance engineers deal with wet electrical equipment regularly. If the equipment has been wet with fresh water, you should immediately dry it. The salt must first be removed by rinsing the dish with fresh water if you are using salt water. Otherwise, salt deposits would form on metal and insulating surfaces and in the insulation's fissures, which would be highly corrosive. When these deposits are moistened, they become an excellent electrical conductor. You'll want to use a suitable solvent to clean oil or grease from the insulation.


Loop Resistance & RCD Tester


Milliohm, Micro Ohm Meter

Micro Ohm Meter

To avoid overheating, energy loss, and malfunctions during a power surge, measuring low resistance (also known as continuity testing) is necessary. Low resistance ohmmeters from Megger are precise and straightforward to use, with a precision of 0.1 micro-ohms, making them ideal for troubleshooting.

What is a Micro Ohm Meter?

An ohmmeter measures the electrical resistance, continuity, and its components. They come in various sizes, voltages, and kinds, with varying degrees of accuracy. The three basic types of ohmmeters are:

  • Micro-ohmmeters (for measuring low resistance).
  • Standard ohmmeters (for general use).
  • Meg-ohmmeters (for measuring high resistance).

Micro, mega, and milliohm meters are available with varying degrees of sensitivity.

Switches, circuit breakers, aeroplane frame bonds, and rail and pipeline bonds may be measured using DLROs and micro-ohmmeters.

The logical option is to use a micro-ohmmeter, or "Ductor" tester for very low resistance testing, such as weld joints, switchgear, and switchboard components. Contact resistance must be correctly checked.

Micro Ohm Meter by JUTECH Tester: has a model that can provide a test current of up to 1,000A for these instruments, ranging from 10A to 200A. Due to the micro-ohm meter's larger current output, it can detect meagre resistance more precisely.

We carry a complete line of micro ohm meters, including the newest line built exclusively for industrial applications. Switchgear production, commissioning, and maintenance rely heavily on contact resistance measurements. Additionally, the digital micro-ohmmeters may be used for other testing applications other than switchgear.

What Makes Micro-Ohmmeters by JUTECH Testers Special?

You must correctly measure low electrical resistance values to correctly diagnose electrical wiring issues and pinpoint the reason for a component or circuit failure. We know this is essential for you to do.

Our Micro-Ohmmeters are accurate, durable, and simple since we provide many hand-held and tabletop devices.

These Micro Ohm meters are always of the highest quality since our engineers constantly examine and enhance their features.

JUTECH Tester offers micro-ohmmeters with test currents ranging from 10 to 200A suited for lab and field applications. Our instruments can correctly measure extremely low resistances within 0.05 percent using a four-lead Kelvin testing technique.

The following are some of the most prominent features of our Micro Ohm Meter:

  • Reversal of the polarity
  • Data archiving and reporting
  • The resolution of the measurements (as low as 0.1)
  • High current testing can be done for long periods thanks to a robust circuit design.
  • It is possible to make year-to-year analysis and preventative maintenance choices thanks to automatic temperature correction (model dependent).

Motor Rotation / Phasing Meter


Power / Energy Meter

Power Energy Meter- An Investment that can bring you a Bunch of benefits

Looking for a reliable company that can offer you a good quality Power energy meter to help you get the maximum energy benefit? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place.

With an aim to deliver quality energy services to our clients, we have developed a power energy meter that can make your life easier, simple, manageable, and hassle-free. Utilising modern technology and the expertise of the world’s best professionals, we are proud to say that our energy products will be a win-win solution for you. Our smart products are suitable for every place, be it in your home, office, or business.

Range of Products Available

JUTECH Tester is a well-renowned and trusted provider of power energy meters here in Singapore. Our experts, who have over a decade of experience in this field, have designed a full range of power meters for you that are known for their improved performance, better energy monitoring, and straightforward system integration.

Our Mission

With a team of professionals working on the project, our mission remains to provide our clients with the simple, scalable, and feature-rich power energy meter that they need. With a range of choices available, you can choose the product that meets your requirements and suits you the best.

You will get to know the variety of products that we offer when you visit our website. These products have a unique and convenient way to measure energy data. Besides this, our energy meter products also have a feature that allows them to be installed in all energy metering applications.

What else are you waiting for? Contact JUTECH Tester today and let us deliver you exceptional power.

Why Choose Our Power Energy Meters?

Easy Energy Monitoring

Want to measure energy import and export? Want to know about your energy expenditure, current, voltage, active power, frequency, and much more? Our power energy meters are here to provide you with a unique solution that caters to all your needs. Our energy meters offer the flexibility to connect them with your smartphones and get accurate monitoring and measuring at any time of day or night.

With over years of experience in this field, we have developed one of the best tools to assist you in making significant long-term resource savings. You can easily improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy consumption with more reliable information.

Better Tracking

You can track your energy usage effortlessly with readily available data usage. Our high-quality products are designed to provide complete details of hourly, daily, and monthly energy usage with only one click.

Request a Smart Power Energy Meter Today

Want to get a modern power energy meter for your home or office? We are all set to offer you the best products. Contact us today and let our experts provide you with all the details and answer all your queries.


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