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Function Generator 3MHZ Victor VC2003

Victor VC2003 Function Generator 3MHZ capable of creating sine, triangle & rectangle wave with output range up to 20Vp-p.

Bench Multimeter Victor 8045-II

Victor 8045-II is a precision Bench Type multimeter with the accurancy of 0.05% for DC Voltage range.

Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester Victor 6412+

Victor 6412+ Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester provide ease of testing by clamping the Ground Wire.

Earth Resistance Tester Victor 4105A

Victor 4105A Earth Resistance Tester capable of measure precision earth resistance (0.01 ohm) and earth voltage.

Insulation Tester Victor 60B+

Victor 60B+ Digital Insulation Tester despite its low cost but capable of testing voltage of 250, 500 and 1000 Volts.

Multimeter Victor 980+

Victor 980+ True RMS Precision manual ranging Multimeter with accurancy of 0.05% for DC voltage measurement.

Process Calibrator (Multi-functional) Victor 78

Victor 78 is an economic multi-functional Process Calibrator function for both source & measure of DCV, mA, Frequency.

Process Calibrator (Multi-functional) Victor 79

Victor 79 is an economic multi-functional Process Calibrator function for both source & measure of ohm, Voltage, Freq, mA, RTD & Thermocouples.

Process Calibrator Voltage/mA Calibrator Victor 11+

Victor 11 is a Precision Process Calibrator for source (simulation) of DC Voltage (mV/voltage), mA, Resistance, Thermoucouples & RTD.

Temp Calibrator (RTD) Victor 03

Victor 03 RTD Calibrator is a good meter for RTD measure & sourcing.

Temp Calibrator (Thermocouple / RTD) Victor 01

Victor 01 Multi Thermocouples & RTD Calibrator in spite of its economic price but capable of providing Calibration at site for field Engineers.

Temp Calibrator Victor 01

Victor 01 is an economic Process Calibrator for Multi-Thermocouples, Resistance, RTD & mV simulation.

Voltage / mA Calibrator Victor 04

Victor 04 is an economic Process Calibrator for voltage & mA source (simulation).

Voltage / mA Calibrator Victor 05

Victor 05 is an economic Process Calibrator use for both source & measure of voltage & mA usage.

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Conductivity-TDS Tester

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Control, Process, Display


Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter

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Gas Detector

Gas Detector Calibration Singapore

Confined places have fewer or no exits or entryways. These properties make it possible for gas levels to shift quickly, making the atmosphere hazardous with little warning. Entrants and whole watchers in confined spaces need to know if the place is safe and if conditions are going toward danger to make informed judgments regarding their safety in advance.

What is the Risk?

Dangerous gases are only one of the many dangers that might develop when working in a small area. Hazardous gases in enclosed areas pose a significant risk to workers exposed to fumes, vapours, or oxygen deprivation, leading to unconsciousness or asphyxiation.

How is the Gas Detector Protected?

The best gas detector Confined space allows you to test the environment before entering, measure continuously while inside and is simple to use and dependable to rely on.

Gas Detector Confined space monitors for dangerous fumes, gases and vapours, and oxygen deprivation to maintain occupational health and safety compliance to safeguard workers from harm. The concentration of combustible gases can be monitored with a personal multi-gas monitor, and an alarm will sound if concentrations are near the Lower Explosive Limit.

Our Gas Detector Works Best:

Numerous Gas Detector Confined space and leak detection devices are available from JUTECH. We hope to make gas leak detection more precise with our devices while making it as easy as possible.

Our technologies have been enhanced to provide trustworthy and high-quality goods throughout the years. Our gas detectors are custom-made to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. It doesn't matter where our clients are, they can rely on them to quickly and accurately detect and avoid problems.

Why is Calibration Important?

Operating gas detection instruments and systems that are not kept up to date may not provide any warning of a hazardous leak or the presence of a potentially life-threatening environment. Gas detector calibration Singapore, servicing, and inspection are all essential parts of the maintenance process for any gas detection system.

Our Calibration Service:

In addition to supplying equipment, we offer consultation services for the customization, installation, and maintenance of gas monitoring systems and a variety of gas detector calibration Singapore and repair services, from essential calibration to sensor replacements and repairs.

Robust sensor technology and calibration offer faster reactions in our gas detectors. Respond in milliseconds instead of minutes or hours, and you could save a life.

Regular Checkup:

You must first calibrate your gas detector to guarantee that it accurately detects gas levels. The monitor must be calibrated by exposing it to a known calibration gas concentration or test gas for a predetermined period. Using this reading as a reference point, the gas detector will take future readings. To ensure reliable measurements, repeat this method every month. Gas detector calibration in Singapore is necessary because sensors wander over time, and toxins and inhibitors can alter gas readings.

You'll need calibration gas and tubing, a docking station, and a timer for automatic calibration. You can use a docking station to keep track of your gas detector's calibration history and create certifications for compliance when you calibrate your device.

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Industrial & Mechanical


Multifunctional Tester

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Power Converter / Charger

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Process Calibrator

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Temperature & Humidity

Humidity Temperature Meter

One of the most used techniques is taking readings of the air's temperature and humidity. A reputable humidity meter is needed for accurate readings. Objects may be measured in terms of their heat or coolness by using temperature.

Temperature is one of the seven basic physical variables in the ISU. Humidity is defined as the quantity of water vapour in the air. The most common method of expressing relative humidity is as a percentage. Temperature and RH go hand in hand. In confined gas, higher temperatures diminish relative humidity. Humidity measures the amount of water vapour in the air. The relative humidity is the ratio of water vapour in the air to total water vapour

Measurement is necessary to ensure no abnormalities in the industry's temperature and humidity systems.

What is the Need for a Humidity Temperature Meter?

Measurement of temperature and humidity is necessary for temperature and humidity control systems to work. In addition, it guarantees a safe working environment and the safe storage of raw materials, components, completed goods, and equipment in excellent condition. Numerous temperature and humidity sensors are placed all over the place in almost every lab, warehouse, production hall, and workroom.

Temperature and humidity measurements are used in all labs, research institutions, and industries, including security, pharmaceutical, calibration laboratories, aviation, metals, and castings. Cement is used in various products, from seeds to medical equipment to colleges, museums to nuclear reactors. It is also used in various other products, including crystals, semiconductors, electronics, food and beverages, and optics.

Temperature and relative humidity (RH) both influence how pleasant a place is to be in. Monitors that display real-time measurements like JUTECH's Analog Humidity-

Specs and Features of JUTECH Humidity - Temperature Meter:

The JUTECH Humidity Temperature Meter measures interior temperature and humidity quickly and precisely, making it ideal for usage in office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and server rooms, among other places.

In addition, you may get the dew point and wet bulb temperature from the easy-to-use measurement device. Both numbers provide information about the temperature-humidity connection and critically evaluate the interior environment. It is easy to use and has reliable technology.

The JUTECH Humidity Temperature Meter has a built-in NTC temperature sensor that provides excellent temperature measurement accuracy. This thermo hygrometer uses a capacitive humidity sensor known for its long-term durability to detect humidity.

Temperature and humidity readings are visible on the LED display of the thermo hygrometer. Additional features include dew point and wet bulb temperature calculations and min. /maximum values for these parameters. Temperature and humidity measurements may be made with the JUTECH Humidity Temperature Meter's clip-on protective hat, wrist strap, and belt.

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Warning Light, Alarm

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Water Quality

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