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AC/DC Clamp-On Meter UNI-T UT204A

UNI-T UT204A is capable of measure both AC/DC Current up to 600A & Temperature.

AC/DC mA Clamp-On Current Probe PROVA 15

PROVA 15 AC/DC mA Current Probe is an useful Tester to feed measure current to oscilloscope, chart-recorder, data-logger/DMM for recording data.

AC/DC mA Clamp-On Meter PROVA 11

PROVA 11 high precision AC/DC mA Clamp-On Meter. It also perform continuity and frequency measurement.

Air Quality Monitor Lutron PM-1063SD

Lutron PM-1063SD Air Quality Monitor, Monitor Air Pollutant PM2.5, Humidity & Temperature

Air quality Monitor UNI-T A25F PM2.5 & Formaldehye

UNI-T A25F economic Air quality monitor measure PM2.5, Formaldehyde, Temperature & Humidity.

Analog Earth Resistance Tester V&A MS5209

V&A MS5209 is an analog measurement for Earth Resistance

Analog Multimeter Sanwa YX360TRF

Sanwa YX360TRF is an evergreen & Drop shock proof Analog Multimeter.

Analog OFF Delay Timer JKN JTF Series

JKN JTF Series is a Analog OFF-Delay Timer.

Analog Temp Controller JKN K481/721/961 Series

JKN K481/721/961 Series is a basic Analog Temp. Controller with standard "K" Sensor & Relay Output.

Analog Timer JKN JMH Series

JKN JMH Series is a Analog ON-DELAY Timer with wide range of time range & universal voltage.

Analog Timer JKN JMY Series

JKN JMY-2 or JMY-4 is a miniature 6N-Delay Timer commonly used in on-delay operation for many industries.

Analog Twin Timer JKN CATDV-E

JKN CATDV-E Series is a Analog Twin Timer.

Analog/Digital Multimeter SEW ST-3502

SEW ST-3502 is a 2-In-1 Analog & Digital Multimeter with shock & vibration resistance.

Anemometer (VOL) Lutron AM-4206

Lutron AM-4206 Anemometer is a Vane-type capable of measure Air Velocity, CMM/CFM & Temp.

Anemometer Lutron AM-4210E

Lutron AM-4210E is a professional & economic Anemometer capable of measure Air Velocity (MAX 25m/s) & Temp (MAX 50°C)

Anemometer Lutron YK-80AM

Lutron YK-80AM is a professional & economic Anemometer capable of measure Air Velocity (MAX 35m/s) & Temp (MAX 50°C)

Anemometer UNI-T UT362

UNI-T UT362 Anemometer measures wind speed, CMM, CFM & data-logging function.

Angle Gauge Jtech 431-112

Jtech 431-112 Angle Gauge is capable of measure different angles with absolute & relative Conversion.

Appliance Tester Uni-T UT528

UNI-T UT528 is a useful meter to test Insulation, Ground, Cord, Wiring and Leakage test for various kitchen & house-hold equipments.

Area Sensor AUTONICS BWP20-12

AUTONICS BWP series, area or curtain Sensor is applied where safety is concerned

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